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You will find an ever expanding eclectic range of music and skills from me, from children's music in many genres, soul-searching piano ballads, meditation music, film/trailer music, orchestral works, podcast music and more. As a Mum of two I am finally revisiting my own original music, that has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. This is the time where you will start to see more of me emerge.  


If you would like to commission music from me, co-write or have us work together, send me a message, I'm all ears!


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Slow Down, December 

Words and Music by Tina Noetzel Copyright 2018

Special thanks to Taylor Sappe


Let Love Lead the Way Words and Music by Tina Noetzel Copyright 2018

Special thanks to Taylor Sappe


Through the dark times, we look for something to guide us forward.


Through the dark times, we wonder what will keep us going.


Through the darkest of times, the fear kicks in and has us paralyzed.

And sometimes, it’s because life can be brutal.


Sometimes, the news is the news you have always been afraid to one day hear.

You wake up one Sunday morning and everything you know has changed...


This song was inspired by and dedicated to my long-time beautiful student and friend, Jenny. She fought a courageous and brave battle and now rests peacefully, shining her light down on all who she encountered in her lifetime. She will never be forgotten.


To anyone who is having a bad day, a darkest hour, being led by the fear of the unknown, or a Sunday morning where everything you know has changed...             


Let Love Lead The Way.

Tina's recent trailer music orchestral composition

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This music is used as part of Amy Taylor-Kabbaz's Happy Mama Movement Podcast. Tune in to listen in to Amy's beautifully inspired thoughts and interviews regarding not only maintaining self-care while parenting, but discovering who you really are deep down under all the mess and noise of life! Look her up on Itunes Podcasts, check out her website and discover how to start feeling like yourself again.
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